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RoQC Data Management AS is a company registered in Sandnes, Norway that specializes in Data Management consultancy and develops Data Management software for Landmark and Schlumberger G&G environments.

RoQC Data Management AS was founded in 1998, and has clients all over the world.

The sister company RoQC Data Management LLC  registered in Houston, Texas, USA started in 2011 and specialises in Data Management & Project Management.

RoQC also develops and sells an advanced data management software package called RoQC Tools. These tools have been developed in close cooperation with some of the world's largest, and smallest, oil companies. RoQC Tools exist for both the Landmark OpenWorks environment and Schlumberger's Petrel & Studio Manager environments.

All of our consultants have considerable experience with Landmark's software, especially with OpenWorks and StratWorks. For more than a decade two of our staff spent approx. one month per year working with the Landmark developers in Austin & Houston.

Due to our focus on coordinate and CRS control we have developed very close cooperation with the geodetic experts - Geograf AS.
RoQC's success is due not only to its unmatched experience base and its ability to merge geological and computing skills with E&P experience, but also to its ability to rapidly develop tools tailored to individual clients needs.

RoQC can provide a self sufficient team that has previously been used either as a short term assault team to clean up and organize a dataset or as a long-term spear-head team to implement and maintain a corporate data management regime.

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