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RoQC can offer expertise covering the full life cycle of managing data used or generated during the exploration & production of hydrocarbons. We cover everything from project management and development of corporate data management procedures, via programming, database administration and user training, to loading, QC and cleanup of data.



  • Data loading, QC, data cleanup and QC existing data.
  • PDM (Project Data Manager)
  • User training in OpenWorks / StratWorks.
  • Project management
  • PreR5000 assessments / R5000 project upgrades
  • Corporate standards definition & implementation
  • Project Management



RoQC Tools provide an exceptionally powerful and fast data management environment for Landmark's OpenWorks environment or for Schlumberger's Petrel & Studio Manager environment.

They are tools that help you rapidly clean up and manage your data. They cover the full cycle of Standards distribution, Identification of non-standard data and Rectification of non-standard data.