RoQC Tools for OpenWorks

Over the years RoQC have produced a collection of very powerful data management tools - designed to support our consulting needs.

The tools were further developed over a 5 year period in close cooperation with a large client. In the 10+ years since then we have been continuously extending and polishing the tools, with input from customers both large and small. These are now available for purchase or lease.

RoQC Tools provide an exceptionally powerful, and fast, data management environment for Landmark's OpenWorks environment and Schlumberger's Petrel & Studio Manager environment.. They are tools that help you rapidly clean up and manage your data - not just provide you with pretty listings of what needs to be done.

RoQC Tools for OpenWorks can be split into two domains - a Data Management and a User domain:

* The User Domain Tools add powerful functionality to the existing Landmark functionality.

  • Auto insert Picks
  • Check stratigraphic correctness/completeness of well interpretations
  • Load, export and manage core data
  • Fault rename
  • Seismic Navigation compare & report
  • Log run manager
  • Log service name manager
  • Many advanced reporting tools

* The Data Management Tools cover the workflows:

  • Distribution of Reference data/Standards
  • Identification of non compliant data
  • Rectification of non compliant data
  • Management of OpenWorks data
  • Comparison of data between projects (inc between ow2003 and R5000)
  • Manage CRS's (both at the sid and project level)

The above workflows are supported on all data types, including CRS's, measurement systems, and any item from the VC, R or ow_data_dict tables - basically anything that is in OpenWorks.

In Summary - RoQC Tools for OpenWorks is:

  • Single package that covers OpenWorks data management needs
  • Easy to use but very powerful – low training overhead
  • Interactive, real time data management
  • Well tested, robust solutions
  • Very rapid development of new solutions - tailored to your needs
  • Includes a comprehensive tool suite for G&G users
  • No extra cost for more users
  • Normally pays for itself within the first week of use
  • Dramatically increases the performance of the DM and G&G staff and reduces risk


Have a look at the Videos, PDF's and Powerpoints on this web site to get an idea of what RoQC Tools can do - then give us a call (+47 90615416 ) or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) and we will arange a demo so that you can see what the tools can do for you :-)