RoQC Tools for OpenWorks Data Type/Functionality Footprint


This is a generalised listing of the data types and functionality that are covered by RoQC Tools - split by functional area.

In short, RoQC Tools access every table in OpenWorks.

Data transfer/sync between projects

  • Curve dictionary
  • Curve aliases
  • Any VC_ table content
  • Any R_ table content
  • Any ow_data_dict content
  • Interpreters
  • Stratigraphic columns
  • Surface colours
  • Well templates
  • Public queries
  • 2D Nav data
  • Well lists
  • Fault names
  • Pointsets
  • Fault polygons
  • Grids
  • Log curves
  • CRS
  • Measurement systems

Data/Functionality footprint of Data Management tools

  • CRS - full management, multi-SID, multi-project, CRS translations.
  • Identify, change ownership or delete any interpreted data anywhere in OpenWorks.
  • Manage the 'ownership' of wells (multi-SID, multi-project).
  • Basic data loader to any table.
  • Well Header - comparison, updating or loading from NPD or other sources
    - Global management of country/operator/status/etc, including ALL related tables.
    - Output to GoogleEarth.
  • Pick - data source management (version control)
  • Stratigraphic data - identification and rectification of non standard data(picks/units/strat columns)
    - Auto strip a full strat column and generate a Top-to-Top column.
    - Update the "surf" table with the correct "strat_column_id" for OW2003.12 API.
  • Log data - auto correction of missing curve units
    - Identification and cleanup of non standard ('illegal') logs
    - Move official version to version -1
    - Logs not in aliases
    - List log aliases
    - Auto cleanup of load services.
    - Compare the contents of an OW project against POSC (Energistics)
  • Well depths - shifting of all depth related data to match changes in elev_ref
  • Well UWI - management of well names, inc flipping UWI's and common well names.
  • ACECA data check
  • UID - check and fix inconsistencies between ow_uid_values and all other tables.
  • Deviation data export
  • Lithology - remove all 'repeat' entries
  • List all projects - list all projects on a SID(s)
  • Time/Depth - report and fix time_depth data starting without 0.0.
  • Data type statistics - an Excel report on how many rows per table in OW.
    - List all data created or changed in a project after a certain date.
  • OW Users - List OpenWorks Users, their role and their interpreters.
    - Update (system) user names and their data source ownership in projects and OWSYS.
  • Project compare - compare most interpreted data types between projects (inc. between OW2003 and R5000).
    - Output to GoogleEarth.
  • Security manager - modifies the access to tables in an OpenWorks database.
  • Measurement system - distribution & management, multi-SID, multi-project
  • Curve dictionary - Delete unused/non-standard entries from the curve dictionary.
  • Reference data - manage the contents of the VC_ and R_ tables and data on all tables that reference these.
  • Loading of Markers & Zone Logs from Geoframe

Data/Functionality footprint of G&G tools

  • Picks - Interpret tops at the "lowest" level in hierarchy, and auto add bases and higher levels of the hierarchy.
    - Set the pick_kind attribute for selected picks in project
  • Core data - full management, SPWLA import/export, loading, export, generation of logs from core tables and vise versa.
  • Lithology - curves to computed lithology and vise versa.
  • Grids & Pointsets - full management/editing of grids/pointsets/fault polygons/fault centerlines
  • Interpreted data - full management.
  • Perforation data - export.
  • Position Logs - interpolate any depth along a pos log.
  • Directional survey - Make TVDMSL and DEVIATION curves from directional survey and/or position log.
  • RMS export - exports well data to RMS.
  • Templates - merge two or more StratWorks templates.
    - List the contents of StratWorks templates.
  • Stratigraphic Units - export interpreted picks in a project as units.
    - Check consistency of stratigraphic interpretations against the defined strat columns.
    - Rapid visualisation and editing of strat columns.
  • Curve dictionary - simple query tool to e.g. find all curves that use ms/ft, all MWD curves, or all porosity curves.
  • Log data - list all 'illegal' curves with data needed to fix them.
    - List all 'illegal' log services with data needed to fix them.
    - List/filter logs any way you want.
    - Z-index transformation of curves based on a translation curve (Curve Frame Work Translate).
    - Full management of logging jobs/runs/passes.
    - Full management of service names
    - Change the comments/remark for more than one log curve at a time.
    - Set the resample scheme of curves, based on curve type.
  • Picks - list all 'illegal' picks with data needed to fix them.
  • Picks & Units - detailed pick and/or unit information, including calculated (non stored) info.
  • Production rates - Report production rates based on PLT curves.
  • Prospect outlines - Send prospect outlines to mapdata.
  • Well Formation Test - Reports the results of well formation tests (MDT,RFT,etc).
  • Zone Attribute - Report writer for data stored on the zone attribute table.
  • Petroworks Parameters - Report writer for Petroworks parameters.
  • Fault - fault manager.
  • Horizons - Copy 2D/3D horizons between projects and regions.
    - Horizon manager (OW and *.hts) (no 2D).
    - Clip a horizon file to a polygon.
  • Navigation data - list details of the 2D navigation data, including calculated (non stored) info.
    - Compare 2D navigation data of lines present in different projects, calculate/display differences.
    - Output to GoogleEarth.
  • AVF - check a .avf file and skip any points that will create problems for TDQ.
    - Re-format the Diskos velocity file format to Landmark's .avf format.
  • Fluid contacts - edit and manage fluid contacts (all 3 representations)
    - Generate a report of the fluid contacts in one or more wells.




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