RoQC LogQA is a cloud native application which, depending on deployment, can connect to OSDU, DELFI, ProSource or local LAS format files. RoQC LogQA then uses deterministic and ML (Machine Learning) analysis to rapidly identify substandard or suspect log data.

RoQC LogQA also provides extremely flexible tools to visualize and efficiently rectify the errors. The user has full control over which curves get fixed, from targeting individual curves in one well, to all curves that the user has access to. A user can realistically target the cleanup of millions of curves - dramatically increasing the quality of the curve data as required for digital oilfield workflows.  +47 47 45 46 50

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Acces to all entitled data in current OSDU partition

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Identification of binary duplicates & controlled deletion of duplicates

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Confusion plot (ML vs Deterministic).

Overview of data volumes/types.

"Live" charts directly linked to clean-up functionality.

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Define your own charts.

All charts are "Live" and linked to clean-up functionality.

Filter charts to specific data source/kind.

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Curves sent from the grids or from charts.

Set up matching criteria (e.g. all values less the 0.0).

Run on all the data in the clean-up queue.

All changes are made in place in OSDU.

View the before and after curves. Rollback any changes you do not like.

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MAINTENANCE Classifications & UNITS

Maintain corporate or asset classifications, unit mappings.

Add new unit mappings as the system identifies a requirement for it.

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MAINTENANCE Name resolution

Maintain corporate or asset mappings between the name types in OSDU and what you want displayed on screen.

Separate prioritised listings for well/wellbore name/uwi.